onsdag den 10. august 2011

Pix&Bits FashionWeek Aug2011

Beautiful Ballerina @ Trash Couture


CIFF TrendShow

Designers Remix

Lovely Girlfriends after Apair StreetShow

Szhirley my love

Outfit: Poncho/Blouse 'Le Demoiseille' - Boots&Bag: Mulberry - Jewelry: Klarlund

Max Jenny

Someone was falling Asleep during the show, sitting next to me;) 

Dennis Lyngsø

Malene Birger 

I AM - LongLegs&Stillettos

David Andersen with my friend Kevin S - Unique Model

CIFF Kids Show

Wearing a Dress from Munthe Plus Simonsen, FriisCompany Stillettos & Chanel Watch

'MuntheSimonsen' Runway

@ Gallery Asbæk with Nicci Welsh

Nimb Show

Some of my outfits during the week

I love my VitaminWater

My beautiful Boy

And he's hangin on to mama!

Trash Couture

Me walking the runway for Stasia

Relaxing feet...;) Louboutin's can be a Killer!

TeslaTrip Down Town...

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