fredag den 10. september 2010

Happy In Moments ♥

Lykke Er Ikke Et Mål Vi Når For Enden Af Livets Vej...
Det Er Selve Den Måde Vi Lever Vores Liv På

Love Is To Let Those We Love Be Perfectly Themselves, 
And Not To Twist Them To Fit Our Own Image... 
Otherwise We Love Only The Reflection Of Ourselves We Find In Them

Love Is Not Looking At Each Other
It's Looking In The Same Direction

You Can Easily Judge The Caracter Of A Man 
By How He Treats Those Who Can Do Nothing For Him

Love Puts The Fun In Together, 
The Sad In Apart, 
And The Joy In The Heart

Life's Challenges Are Not Supposed To Paralyze you, 
They're supposed To Help you Discover Who You Are

The best Thing To Do With The Best Things In Life Is To Give Them Up

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